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PRINCE2 (2017) Practitioner Upgrade Exam

£399.00 Excl VAT

Examination Only

This is not a course – The AXELOS PRINCE2 qualification comes in two parts:-

  • PRINCE2® Foundation
  • PRINCE2® Practitioner

It is important to note that you cannot sit this Practitioner level exam without

  • Having already passed PRINCE2® 2017 to Foundation Level
  • First purchasing a completed Practitioner level course with Balance Global

This exam voucher must be used to make a booking within 180 days of purchase. If your voucher has expired and you cannot make an exam booking please call 0207 148 4782.

Examination Format

The examination is structured as follows :-

  • This exam is an Objective Test
  • 10 question items per question, each worth one mark
  • Based on a short scenario that will be provided to you during the exam
  • 68 questions – 1 mark available per question
  • 38 marks (55%) correct or more required to pass
  • Two-and-a-half hours (150 minutes) duration, no additional reading time
  • Open book exam (official PRINCE2 2017 manual only)

Online Proctored Examination Explained

Through our Examination Institute PeopleCert we offer the Remote Proctor Service PeopleCert Proctoring Explained

This system allows a live proctor access to your exam as you take it so they can monitor the exam environment through your computer’s webcam and microphone. It’s just like having the proctor in the exam room with you but you don’t need to travel. Remote Proctor must be booked in advance so that we can schedule the live proctor.

Exam Languages Supported

24 Languages Supported

Preparing for an Exam

Do not sit the exam before you’re ready and feel confident. We recommend that you should only consider booking an official exam when you have achieved the following:-

  • Worked through all the course sections and units at least once
  • Completed the exam simulator tests and achieved a repeatable score of 50% / above.

Don’t feel nervous about the exam process. Our comprehensive eLearning course covers the exam syllabus in full and we will also provide you with exam hints and tips.  Furthermore, we (unlike many competitors) pay extra for the premium remote proctoring service.  With this Proctor service you will be personally guided through the on-line exam process rather than having your exam being recorded and watched by an invigilator later.  This means there are fewer opportunities for your exam to be disqualified because of in-advertant mistakes with in the exam process itself.

Booking Times

You can  book your exam for a time and day of your choosing including weekends and evenings, but you need to give 10 days notice of when this is.  Within 24 hours of booking your exam you will receive a confirmation email asking you to register on the PeopleCert’s (Exam Institute) website before for your exam takes place.

Any subsequent changes in the candidates information, and or the booked exam time and date, will incur fees from the PeopleCert which our outside of our control and means that all candidate information and exam booking changes will incurr an additional fee of £60 excluding VAT each time a change is made.

Special Dispensations

There are some conditions (such as dyslexia) that qualify for extra time in the examinations. If you think you may qualify for extra time please let us know when you book your exam.
Please note that you will need to provide documentary evidence of the condition to qualify for extra time and give us 20 days’ notice of your booking.

What happens after Purchase?

As soon as you complete this purchase we will send you two emails. One will contain an invoice and the other a voucher code with full instructions on how to use it to make an examination booking. This Voucher Code is valid for 180 days after purchase.

Further Help

Technical Requirements

This section is will assist you in determining if your computer / tablet and internet connection are compatible of running our online training courses (via our e-Learning platform) and get your final certification exam proctored through the PeopleCert Online Proctoring Service