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PM Interview Performance Matrix

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What is this?

Once a scenario based interview has been completed and all the scenario candidate assessment forms have been completed it is important to consolidate all this information (details of candidate’s performance score and interviewer comments) into a matrix so that relative candidate performance can be easily compared.

Why it’s useful?

If you are interviewing large numbers of candidates, this kind of matrix enables candidate’s performance to be easily ranked and compared.  Also this can be used as a basis for an candidate selection workshop where interviewers meet to decide the final cut for the 3rd round of final interviews.

How to use it?

Collect all your scenario candidate assessment forms and copy the scores and interviewer decisions to the matrix template. This template can then be used to make score based decisions as to who is /is not selected for final interview in its own right or as part of a candidate selection workshop with scenario interviews deciding as a group who passes /who fails.

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