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PM Domain Knowledge Scorecard screener

PM Domain Knowledge Scorecard

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What is this?

Early on in the recruitment campaign for a Project Manager it is important to sort out the “wan bees” from the “have done it” Project Management Candidates. Our Balance Global Job board for example uses killer questions to weed out some of the wheat from the chaff. However, in order to really make sure that you filter out as early as possible those candidates not suitable for second round face to face interviews, it can be very useful to use a domain screening scorecard which tests a candidates Project Management domain knowledge. The essential question we are trying to answer with this scorecard is “Does the candidate know enough about Project Management to carry out the role?”.

Why it’s useful?

It’s useful for the following reasons: –

  • A low cost high volume first round telephone interview can be carried by a trusted Recruitment Consultant, HR professional or Junior Project Manager with little knowledge of Project Management.
  • It’s a very useful filter for distilling second round interview candidates from large numbers of applicants.
  • Accurately sorts out the professional “have done its” from the “wanna bees” meaning the second round interviews can concentrate on cultural fit and the identification of lower level role attributes.

How to use it?

Use this tool as a means of rapidly conducting first round interviews and filtering out those candidates with relevant Project Management domain knowledge for second round face to face interviews. The spreadsheet contains a sheet marked “Instructions” which contains detail how to modify the score weightings in order to fine tune candidate filtering.

The scorecard is normally used as part of telephone based domain knowledge interview. The attached weighted scorecard contains scored interview questions (the questions used come from a Big 5 Consultancy question bank) which determine the candidates level of Project Management domain knowledge and scores this in terms of suitability for selection for second round face to face interview.

Balance Global hopes this template makes a difference to the success of your project. Please send us any suggested improvements to this template so we can share them with our site community.