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New Starter Checklist

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What is this?

Whenever a new employee or contractor joins an organisation / project there are a number of things that need to be done to enable that new starter to be effective and active within the workplace as quickly as possible.

This checklist provides a list of tasks to be done before the start date and on their first day to make this transition as smooth as possible.

Why it’s useful?

This template will be useful for the following reasons:

  • The checklist is broken down into easy segments – 2 weeks before the start date, 2 days before the start day and on the new recruit’s first day
  • The checklist takes account of whether the new recruit will be a permanent member of staff or a contractor
  • Used in its ‘vanilla form’ the checklist provides a great ‘aide memoir’ ensuring that important tasks are not overlooked
  • As a benchmark for any existing new starter checklists you may have
  • As a basis to develop / tailor your own tailored checklist
  • To supplement any HR induction checklists you may already have

How to use it?

  • Download the template (replacing the logo with your own if required)
  • Review the tasks and delete any that are not required for your environment
  • For each new starter add names for who is going to be responsible for each section / individual task (this is likely to vary for each new recruit)
  • Use the form – ticking off actions as they are done!

Balance Global hopes this template makes a difference to the success of your project. Please send us any suggested improvements to this template so we can share them with our site community.