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    This FREE taster course will give you a really good idea of what you will get if you do decide to buy a Balance Global eLearning product.

    With many training companies you don’t really know what you are getting for your money until after you have actually bought it. We don’t think that’s great. We are proud of our inter-active and feature rich Learning Management system and courseware, and are happy to let prospective customers ‘try before they buy’.

    Some common (and natural) concerns regarding eLearning are:

    • Will it be easy to use? Although our system is intuitive there is plenty of help available, but don’t just take our word for it – have a look!
    • Will it suit my learning style? We recognise that different people learn in different ways, so we cater for that! We have lots of colour coded diagrams and downloadable documents for visual learners and inter-active exercises and practice exam questions for kinaesthetic learners. Most units include video / audio of the course trainer to help bring the subject alive and a comprehensive script of what the trainer is saying in case you have audio issues
    • I can’t ask the trainer a question if I don’t ‘get’ something! Balance Global customers are supported throughout their learning. You will be able to see previous learners discussions / forum topics with the trainer and ask the trainer a direct question if you don’t get something. The trainer will respond within 24 hours (max).
    • I might lose my place in the course! Our learning management system will help you keep track of where you are in the course if you want it to.
    • I don’t have great internet access / want to use it off-line. There is an app available to store and play videos for off-line study for iPad/Android tablets

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    Not sure if Change Management is for you?

    Change in organisation is getting more prominent  and evolving faster than ever! Focusing on the people side of projects and programmes, it is important to keep pace with the growing needs of public and private organisations to deliver better outcomes and benefits, and bringing the team with them. This rapid evolution has expressed itself in recent years in the following ways:-

    • Greater demand for formally qualified Change Managers.
    • Rising Salaries for qualified Change Management Professionals.
    • (Change/Programme/Project) Managers required to have broader Change Management skills and abilities
    • It can be used in any industry – change occurs in every industry
    • It doesn’t take a long time to learn – you can get qualified in a week in a classroom / less for eLearning. Other project management methods / qualifications take longer to acquire
    • There are no pre-requisites for foundation level

    If you work in organisation transformation or a within a change team, then knowing Change Management could really give your career a boost, and you probably just require foundation level knowledge. However, if you are leading change/transformation, or want to, then you should consider progressing to practitioner level.

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    Change and the Individual:

    • The link between learning & change
    • Learning theory, styles and preferences
    • Individual responses to change
    • Motivation theories and effects
    • Implications of personality types

    Change and the Organisation:

    • Understanding organisation cultures
    • Models for change
    • Emergent Change
    • Leading Change, and vision statements
    • Change rules

    Communication and Stakeholder Engagement:

    • 7 Principles of Stakeholder Engagement
    • Communication and cognitive bias
    • Barriers to effective communication
    • Communication Channels
    • Lean /Rich and push /pull communications
    • Communication Strategy and Plans

    Change Management Practice:

    • Impact of Change
    • Change readiness
    • Building a change team
    • Handling resistance to change
    • Building and sustaining change momentum

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    Internet Download Speed 0.768Mbps 1.5 Mbps
    Internet Upload Speed 0.348 Mbps 1.5 Mbps
    RAM 1024MB 2GB
    Screen Resolution 1280 X 768 resolution 1280 X 768 resolution and above
    Browsers Mozilla Firefox
    Google Chrome
    Google Chrome
    Viewing / Multimedia Player HTML5 (standard default for most browsers Adobe Flash Adobe Shockwave NOTE: If you have trouble with either of these we recommend you disable and let your system use the default HTML5

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