Proctor U Exam Checklist


Proctor U Exam Checklist

When you sit online exams such as PRINCE2®, MSP® and ITIL® you will have to use the Proctor U service. This involves a real online person getting you started with your exam and then invigilating  and monitoring you during the examination.

To make sure you are able to enter the exam and have your exam invalidated you will need to follow the following checklist :-

  • Test your computers suitability – Please click the following system check prior to booking your exam to confirm the computer being used is compatible for proctoring.
  • Make sure the internet connection is fast and reliable. If you are connected through an intermittent WiFi connection, we recommend plugging a simple Ethernet cable into your router /modem and your computer. This is simple and will avoid disconnections during the exam which could invalidate your exam.
  • Using Official AXELOS course manuals – Please remember that Foundation exams are NOT open book examinations where as Practitioner are and can be referred to during the examination.
  • Valid ID – Make sure you have a valid ID or other photo ID ready to verify identity.
  • Computer Inspection – If you your webcam is attached to the computer, make sure you have to hand a mirror or reflective surface such as a mirror, mobile phone or electronic tablet screen available so the proctor can inspect the computer monitor edges and keyboard.
    • Noise & Other People – Make sure before the exam starts that ALL phones are turned off and no one can interrupt you during the exam. No one can be present in the same room other than yourself.
  • Time of booking – Please make sure all programmes not related to the exam are closed on your computer to make sure no software conflicts are possible. Return to and log in. A message will appear saying “Connect to your Proctor Now”. Click on this button and it will automatically take you to the proctoring service. Next, click the button under Step 1 that says “Click to Download”. You will be prompted to download and run a file. Instructions to run the file will be customised based on your internet browser. When you run the executable file mentioned earlier an applet, or temporary one off programme will run on your computer that will allow us to view your screen and what programmes are running during your exam session. This temporary programme will be deactivated once you close your browser.
  • Meet the Proctor & Start Exam – Once connected, the proctor will walk you through the examination process before starting the formal examination. If you have any technical issues during the exam call ProctorU at +1 855-772-8678

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