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At Balance Global we think the new Praxis Framework and accompanying qualifications could be a bit of a ‘game changer’ and ultimately even a contender to the ‘throne’ of the world of the Best Practice Project / Programme Management qualifications (think PRINCE2 / MSP / P30) that have dominated for quite a while.

There are quite a number of reasons behind our making such a bold statement, including:

  • Instead of ‘obsessing’ about distinguishing between Projects, Programmes and Portfolios the Praxis framework takes a very pragmatic approach and covers all three (P3) on the basis that they are very similar, requiring similar skills, lifecycle and management approaches.
  • Taking a P3 approach means that professionals in this space do not need to take a multitude of different qualifications and purchase many expensive manuals. Praxis ‘joins up’ between the different P3 ‘levels and provides a unified common language.
  • It’s community driven – in effect a ‘Wikipedia’ for P3 management!  This means that it has the potential to gradually and continuously evolve rather than requiring a major ‘refresh’ project every few  years.
  • It’s ‘open source’ – so free to use, and you can even use / access the Praxis Framework website during the (‘open book’) practitioner exam. No need to actually purchase the book (although there is one available should you want to get it).
  • Praxis covers 4 primary aspects that all link together seamlessly – a Body of Knowledge (similar to APM / PMI), a method (similar to PRINCE2 / MSP), a competency framework AND a maturity capability assessment model (similar to P3M3). It really is a complete offering.
  • It is the only qualification at the moment to fully cover the new UK Government ‘Functional Standard in Project Delivery’.
  • Although the Praxis framework includes a focus on continuous improvement there is no requirement to re-register or retake the same examination every 3 – 5 years. Better to keep learning new things and contribute to the Praxis Framework community through reading, discussion and sharing learnings / experiences.
  • The body of knowledge is broad and includes inter-personal skills, such as leadership, negotiation, conflict management and even a bit on change management in addition to what maybe considered the more traditional aspects such as business justification, planning and risk/issue management.
  • Cost! The examinations are going to be very competitive when compared to the alternatives, especially when you bear in mind the breadth of what is covered by Praxis.
  • Templates provided by ‘project in a box’, in addition to an encylopedia and comprehensive glossary

The Praxis framework and web site emerged in 2012 and is going from strength to strength.  It has already been translated into several languages and more are planned.  Foundation and Practitioner examinations have been developed and are available from Jan 2018.

Click here if you’re interested in buying our Praxis Foundaton e-Learning

Or if you fancy adding the Praxis Foundation exam to your e-Learning then please click here!

Balance Global are part of a small group of launch partners for Praxis.  We are developing eLearning products for foundation, practitioner and a conversion (bridging) practitioner course for those who already have other qualifications, such as PRINCE2.  These will be ready towards the end of Q1 2018.  Please contact us on or telephone on 0203 865 9825 for more information!

The Praxis Framework™️ is a trademark of Praxis Framework Ltd.  All rights reserved.

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