Converting to PRINCE2 2017

As word about the new version of PRINCE2 2017 qualification is getting out, unsurprisingly people are starting to ask us questions about it.

One of the most common questions that we are getting at Balance Global is – “what should I do to convert if I already have PRINCE2 2009?”


Well, it reallPRINCE2 2017y depends on what you want to achieve!

The PRINCE2 foundation qualification is ‘good for life’, which means that if you have passed it already
you do not have to re-take it ……….ever!  This holds for whatever version you took the qualification in and
even if you want to progress to practitioner level and haven’t done so already.  However, of course that may
well mean that you aren’t up to date with the current version / current thinking, and you may therefore feel
that you are ‘behind the pack’. Alternatively, you may have set your sights on taking the PRINCE2 2017
practitioner qualification in future.



Options for upgrading your knowledge to 2017 version without taking an exam:

Option A. Sign up for a PRINCE2 2017 foundation eLearning course (without the foundation exam) – this is probably the quickest way to get up to speed & a good    option if you just want to get the knowledge without necessarily taking the practitioner exam right no

Option B. Buy the new 2017 manual and self-study. If you want to take the (open book) practitioner exam you will need the new manual anyway

Option C. Sign up for our unique PRINCE2 2017 practitioner level eLearning conversion course. This will cover the changes for 2017 without having to go through everything at foundation level, AND help you prepare for a practitioner exam should you wish to take that later.  This course is in development and anticipated mid-October 2017 – so email us on if you want to receive notification as soon as it is available.

What if you definitely do want to get qualified at practitioner level?

If you are not yet qualified to practitioner level and want to be – we would strongly recommend that you try to take your exam in the 2009 version (which is only available until end December 2017) and then take the 2017 practitioner conversion course (option C above) to ensure you are up to date with current thinking.  There are 3 very good reasons for recommending this:

  1. 2009 Practitioner Qualification is valid for 5 years whereas the 2017 version will only be valid for 3 years
  2. From 1st January 2018 the exam board are putting the price of examinations up – by about 30%
  3. The cheaper / shorter PRINCE2 practitioner re-registration exam will not be an option in the 2017 version


Already a PRINCE2 2009 practitioner?

No need for another exam just yet – until your 5 years are up!  But, assuming you just want to get up to date – then option C above is for you

Not qualified at all?

We would again strongly recommend that you try to get qualified in both foundation and practitioner levels in 2009 version by December 2017 to ‘lock-in’ your qualification for the full 5 years.  Contact us on 020 7148 4782 or email us on and we’ll let you have the 2017 conversion course for free if you buy the full 2009 foundation / practitioner with exams option now.










1 Responses on Converting to PRINCE2 2017"

  1. adi-naitey puplampu says:

    I qualified as a practitioner in Sept 2014 on Prince2 2009.
    I would like to upgrade to Prince 2 20017. Please advise.

    do let me know whether you also train for MoV and Prince 2 Professional assessment

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