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Established in 1994, Balance Global was one of the first 3 training companies to be approved in the UK by the UK Cabinet Office to deliver  PRINCE2® Accredited Courses. We have since broadened our portfolio to include MSP® (Managing Successful Programmes) and ITIL® (IT Infrastructure Library) qualification courses in addition to leadership, soft skills and designing bespoke training solutions.

We believe that our longevity can be attributed to the following facts:

  • Strong attention to quality - In terms of pass rates we are in the top 10% of APMG /AXELOS Approved Training Organisations (ATO’s). We are also Matrix Accredited
  • We are able to bulk buy exam papers keeping our costs low.
  • Trainer experience – All of our trainers have hands-on project and service management experience, rather than just being experienced trainers.We never use trainers who are not AXELOS /APM Group Accrediated and approved.
  • Consultancy assignments - We regularly undertake project and programme management assignments on behalf of our corporate clients, which ensures we are up to date regarding current working practices and techniques.
  • Product focus – We keep focused on our areas of expertise and what we do best rather than diversifying too broadly.

One of our values is to provide good ‘take-away’ value. By this we mean that we don’t just want to teach theory or chalk up exam passes. We want delegates to be able to go back to their workplace and implement what they have learnt straight away and really make a difference. This is why we offer a range of templates, and after-care service and consultancy to help clients tailor PRINCE2® and MSP® and embed them within their working practices.

Balance Global's experience and expertise has come from delivering training to people in 97 countries across 5000 organisations worldwide.

Here is just a selection of our clients:

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Organisations we are proud to call our partners:-

e-courses4you Empowering You For Success

e-courses4you brings talented, certified businesses and instructors from all over the world to share and impart their knowledge with you.

They are licensed and fully authorised to resell Balance Global Classroom and eLearning services bringing truly world class training to you at the touch of a button. 

What is an ATO?

Accredited Training Organizations (ATOs) are organizations which have been accredited by an Examination Institute (EI) and licensed by AXELOS to deliver accredited training courses (classroom or e-delivery) and administer exams for their course delegates.

An ATO is permitter to:

  • Run accredited training courses leading to an AXELOS qualification.
  • Use AXELOS trade marks and other intellectual property (IP) relating to the AXELOS portfolio under the guidelines as issued by or set out in their IP license from AXELOS.
  • Reproduce the text and diagrams from the core publications, e.g. the PRINCE2® Manual - to supplement their approved training material under the license from AXELOS.
  • Order examinations from their approved EI. An ATO can only order exams from their accrediting EI for candidates on one of their accredited courses, or accredited courses run through their Affiliate(s).
  • Appoint third party Affiliates. Affiliates are third party training organizations which have a commercial arrangement with an ATO, are recognized by their accrediting EI and are licensed by AXELOS to offer training.
  • Contribute to AXELOS governance bodies and discussions (and related election processes) in support of ATO participation on the Qualifications Advisory Board.
  • Use agreed logos and statements to promote themselves as an accredited body for delivery of specific products (e.g. PRINCE2).

Within these Accredited Training Organizations (ATOs), only Approved Trainers can deliver the accredited courses.

ATO's Must Use Accrediated Trainers:

  • Hold the AXELOS certification in the subject or subjects they intend to train.
  • Have a minimum of three years’ practical experience in the subject.
  • Demonstrate the ability to manage, run and deliver training courses.
  • Have a minimum of 10 days’ experience delivering classroom-based training (this could be as ‘Trainer under instruction’). This may include delivering AXELOS courses with an accredited trainer present.
  • Where their experience does not come directly from an AXELOS product, the applicant trainer must have delivered material in a related subject for the minimum period of three years to demonstrate competence as a trainer.
  • Their subject knowledge is assessed by an EI. Course delivery will be monitored in the classroom, including checking feedback from delegates. If there is a problem in the classroom the assessor may stop the course if a suitable alternative trainer cannot be assigned.
  • Trainers are expected to neet prerequsite qualification-specific criteria before being alllowed to be a trainer.

Only ATO's Permitted to use AXELOS trademarks:

Organizations that we have accredited are permitted to display our AXELOS trade marks, relevant to the specific qualifications and services they provide.

Balance Global has a number of Blogs, Forums and Groups for interested Project & Programme Management Professional to add their Voice. These are as follows :-





Matrix Accreditation

Balance Global is currently Matrix Accrediated. Matrix is an international quality standard for organisations that deliver information, advice and/or guidance (IAG). Either as their sole purpose or as part of their service offering.

This standard is all about providers such as Balance Global improving their services by benchmarking against best practice. Organisations are only allowed to use the Matirx Quality mark detailed below when they have been independently assessed confirming that ALL the Matrix criteria have been met and can display the matrix quality mark to demonstrate that it offers high quality IAG services.






We have a detailed assessment report which is always available on request for clients for review.

AXELOS /APM Group Accreditation



AXELOS is a joint venture company (set-up 1st January 2014) owned and controlled between the UK Government & Capita Plc. AXELOS now the owner and custodian of the "Management Best Practice Portfolio" which is a collection of  best practices formally owned by the UK Cabinet Office i.e PRINCE2, MSP, ITIL etc. In relation to these best practices AXELOS acts as an accreditor for examination institutes (exam boards), training and consulting organisations offering related accredited training and consulting services.



The APM Group is an AXELOS Accrediated examination institutes acting as a local examination board providing examination papers to accredited Training Organisation (ATOs) such as Balance Global.

Only AXELOS accreditated organisations are license to deliver "Management Best Practice Portfolio" related accrediated courses and display the following logo's :-

 ITL & MSP & P2 combined logos



This means that we are assessed frequently against a range of quality standards which have to be meet or we lose our license to deliver the courses and examinations based on specific Best Practice Portfolio elements. Once again clients are welcome on request to see our aud

Balance Global is an AXELOS Accredited Training Organizations (ATOs). ATOs are organisations which have been accredited by an Examination Institute (EI) and licensed by AXELOS to deliver accredited training courses (classroom or e-delivery) and administer exams for their course delegates.

ESF Approved Training Organisation






In these challenging times one of the most important things we can do at Balance Global is to provide our customers with quality products at a value for money price. We can do this by applying best practice to our own organisation, making sure we understand our clients’ needs, matching appropriate solutions to those needs and exploiting new technologies.









Our corporate values are:

  • To practice what we teach – How can we teach best practice if we don’t practice it ourselves?
  • A passion for excellence – We are enthusiastic about ensuring our courses are of the highest quality using interactive exercises to cater for different learning styles and reinforce learning.
  • Learn from experience – We have considerable experience in running projects and delivering training. We believe that sharing our experiences speeds up learning and our trainers bring their hands-on project and programme management experience to the courses they deliver.
  • Continued professional development - We can only bring modern techniques and methods to our clients if we, as an organisation, keep learning ourselves. We therefore continuously research new ideas and concepts and encourage our clients to do the same.
  • Provide good take-away value – We aren’t interested in just teaching theory and achieving exam passes, although they are important. We want our clients to be able to make a difference in their workplace, hence the aftercare support we provide.
  • Global accessibility – We aim to make our materials available to clients at times and in ways that suit them. We therefore continuously look to exploit technology for new methods of delivery, we make sure the language used is as jargon-free as possible and provide out-of hours solutions.
  • To have fun – Learning needn’t be a dry and boring experience. We inject fun into our courses as we believe it makes them more effective.

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